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Fraser Island & Cooloola

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Fraser Island & Cooloola

What to Expect

Walk through towering subtropical rainforest, swim in pristine freshwater lakes, hike across ancient sand blows and discover the Maheno shipwreck on 75 Mile Beach – all part of the nature wonderland of Fraser Island. It's an area of unspoilt natural beauty, hundreds of kilometres of white beaches, cliffs of coloured sands, lush rainforest, bushland and more.
The Noosa region is the gateway to the Cooloola Recreation Area and World Heritage-listed Fraser Island, both part of the Great Sandy National Park.

Why we love it

See an amazing array of plant life, wildlife and birds throughout the island's 120km length.Freshwater lakes such as Lake McKenzie are fed by a rainwater table under the sand dunes, making the water incredibly pure.

Fraser Island’s dingoes are believed to be the purest of their breed in Australia. See Humpback Whales as they cruise past on the whale highway during their annual migration between May and October.

Getting there

Guided day tours and overnight trips are available from Noosa, join a tag-along 4WD camping tour or hire a vehicle and explore the region yourself (vehicle permit required). Head along the Great Beach Drive from Noosa’s North Shore to Inskip Point, past Rainbow Beach. Catch the vehicular ferry to Fraser Island. Or fly in and land on the beach.

Things to do

From Noosa, take a guided day tour, overnight trip, join a tag-along 4WD tour or hire a vehicle and explore the region yourself. Do the Fraser Island Great Walk – the entire 90km walk takes 6-8 days, or take it easy with half-day strolls.

Stay at holiday resorts, a glamping eco-camp or camp at beautiful beach, bush and lakeside camping areas (permits are required).

Fun facts

Fraser is the world's largest sand island. It’s known as K’Gari in the local indigenous Butchulla language which means ‘paradise’. The English name comes from Captain James Fraser and his wife Eliza who were shipwrecked off the island in 1838.

The island’s ancient trees are more than 1200 years old – they’ll tower over you.

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Where to Explore