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The Tourism Noosa Team

Anita brings her 15+ years' experience within the Australian tourism industry, along with her passion for the Noosa region in particular, to her new role as Program Manager for the Plastic Free Noosa program. Anita works closely with the Head of Tourism Sustainability and with businesses and events members to eliminate single-use plastic packaging in the region.

The primary focus of this role is to work directly with the community to reduce the amount of single-use plastic packaging used and empower members to make lasting changes. The program directly engages and provides tailored solutions for various sectors to eliminate single-use plastic and switch to reusable (preferred) or 100% compostable alternatives. The program focuses on 6 key items that are particularly problematic in the litter stream: Straws, plastic water bottles, coffee cups/lids, takeaway containers, cutlery, and plastic bags. The program has successfully eliminated over 4.5million single-use plastic items so far in Noosa and has over 220 local businesses onboard.

Anita works closely with Tourism Noosa members, relevant stakeholders, the broader community and community groups of Noosa. She also works with the Youth and Eco Adventure Cluster Group (Adventure Noosa), made up of industry representatives who are involved in this segment.

Anita has also represented Noosa and the Sunshine Coast on the Adventure Queensland board in the role of Vice President and Secretariat.

Anita is the point of contact for the Plastic Free Noosa program.

Anita Butler
Plastic Free Noosa Program Manager

The Tourism Noosa Team