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The Noosa Holiday Guide

The Noosa Holiday Guide is the official visitors' guide for anyone planning a holiday in Noosa and surrounding villages. Search for and book accommodation, research the range of activities, tours and restaurants and find all the information you need when touring and moving around the Noosa region.

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The Noosa Compendium

We are delighted to showcase our wonderful destination in our recent Noosa Compendium publication. Proudly produced in-house by the Tourism Noosa team, learn and read about our unique, multi-faceted destination and what makes our famed seaside town so special. Enjoy.

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Eat Local Noosa

Eat Local Noosa is your official guide to restaurants, cafes, bars and food destinations in the Noosa region.

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Rainy Days In Noosa - Indoor activities, attractions and suggestions

When it rains in Noosa, there is still plenty to do - here is our guide to Rainy Days In Noosa - Indoor activities, attractions and more!